I am using 0.81.1 version of Realm. I have this class:

public class KanjiComp extends RealmObject {

    private String character;
    private String strokes;
    private int frequency;

    public String getCharacter() {
        return character;

    public void setCharacter(String character) {
        this.character = character;

    public String getStrokes() {
        return strokes;

    public void setStrokes(String strokes) {
        this.strokes = strokes;

    public int getFrequency() {
        return frequency;

    public void setFrequency(int frequency) {
        this.frequency = frequency;

For the first time, I create object like this:

    KanjiComp realmKanjiComp = realm.createObject(KanjiComp.class);

I want to increment frequency value. For this purpose I need method which helps me update frequency.

Realm documentation says this:

Using primary keys makes it possible to use the createOrUpdate() method, which will look for an existing object with this primary key, an update it if it finds one; if none are found, it will create a new object instead.

But I could not find createOrUpdate() method. All methods to work with JSON. enter image description here

My full code looks like this:

        try {
            KanjiComp realmKanjiComp = realm.createObject(KanjiComp.class);
            character = cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndex("literal"));
        } catch (Exception e) {
            RealmQuery<KanjiComp> query = realm.where(KanjiComp.class);
            query.equalTo("character", character);
            RealmResults<KanjiComp> rKanjiComp = query.findAll();
            KanjiComp oldKanjiComp = rKanjiComp.get(0);

            KanjiComp realmKanjiComp = realm.update(KanjiComp.class);//update is underlined

So my question is, how to update value of my object? Is there any way to increment value of my object?

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    Try to wrap it in transaction. realm.executeTransaction(new Realm.Transaction() { @Override public void execute(Realm realm) { KanjiComp testObject = realm.createObject(KanjiComp.class); testObject.setValue(value); realm.copyToRealmOrUpdate(testObject); } }); – Maksim Bolshakov Jul 6 '15 at 14:48

I would go with something like this:

void createKanjiCompOrUpdateFrequency() {
    // This query is fast because "character" is an indexed field
    KanjiComp kanjoComp = realm.where(KanjiComp.class)
                               .equalTo("character", someValue)
    if (kanjiComp == null) {
        KanjiComp kanjiComp = realm.createObject(KanjiComp.class);
        // set the fields here
    } else {
        kanjiComp.setFrequency(kanjiComp.getFrequency() + 1);
  • what is the type of character field? ... I don't think we could save char filed in realm.. do you use String as a replacement for char? – Abdulmalek Dery Sep 26 '18 at 8:50

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