I am new to JBoss and have just installed Eclipse. I have added a project to the workspace and now I want to deploy it to a Jboss server. However, in the New Server Runtime Environment list, JBoss is not available:

New Server Runtime Environment without JBoss

I am using the below Eclipse version:

Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Mars Release (4.5.0)

Why is JBoss not listed as a runtime environment? What do I have to do to add JBoss to the list of available runtime environments?


Since Eclipse Mars 2 (JEE edition), JBoss Tools can be directly dowloaded from the New Server interface:

New Server

Selecting JBoss AS, WildFly, & EAP Server Tools will install JBoss Tools. After installation, the view will include JBoss/WildFly:

New Server with JBoss/WildFly

Follow the below instructions if Eclipse Mars 1 is used.

It is simply not built-in into the Eclipse distribution. You need to install JBoss Tools from the Eclipse marketplace (Help -> Eclipse Marketplace and search for "JBoss Tools").

More specifically, the feature you are asking for is documented here:



Here is the solution follow below steps

  1. In Eclipse Mars go to Help-> Install New Software
  2. Click on add button and paste the URL of the update site which is in our case: Eclipse Mars tools for Jboss
  3. Now select the JBossAS Tools plugin and Click "Next"

I faced the same problem, what I did was change the eclipse.ini point JDK version 1.8. Jboss Tools required 1.8.

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_51\jre\bin

If server or tool you wanted(like glassfish,jboss) isn't listed then click download Additional server adapters and download desired adapter.After that all related servers and tools will be listed then follow instruction here -

Jboss Community



This worked for me. It required two passes through Window/Preferences...

Window/Preferences/Server/Runtime Environments

Add... Select Red Hat JBoss Middleware Next Accept the license agreement

Installation takes a few minutes and requires an Eclipse restart

After the restart:

 Window/Preferences/Server/Runtime Environments

Add... Select JBoss Community/JBoss xxx Runtime Next Set the home directory and click the "Download and install" link

Select the version to download

Accept the license agreement

  • Actually you are correct. It needs two passes through Window/Preference. And reasonably good instructions. – Dush Mar 12 at 10:07

In complement to the response of @Magnilex, (and for now...) you must run Eclipse Mars with a JDK 8 or the server adapters of JBoss Community don't appear (see the first chapter of http://tools.jboss.org/blog/2015-06-23-beta1-for-mars.html)

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