When using the parse dialect, how to parse tags that have properties enclosed by ' or '"`, as in:

thru <h2 class="txt-medium txt-bold">

thru <h2 class='txt-medium txt-bold'>

One way was to do:

thru {<h2 class=} thru {txt-medium txt-bold} thru ">"

Tried to use the | or operator but with no success. Can I use the | operator to parse the tag?


Yes, you can use | operator, but defining a charset is better in this case:

delimiter: charset [#"^"" #"'"]
single: {<h2 class='txt-medium txt-bold'>}
double: {<h2 class="txt-medium txt-bold">}

>> parse single [thru "class=" delimiter copy values to delimiter thru ">"] values
== "txt-medium txt-bold"

>> parse double [thru "class=" delimiter copy values to delimiter thru ">"] values 
== "txt-medium txt-bold"

The golden rule is to avoid to and thru when possible and define what to match.

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    This is of course simplified solution. It doesn't make sure that starting delimiter matches ending one. To improve it, you need to do something like: delimiters: charset [#"^"" #"'"] ; ... parse single [thru "class=" set delimiter delimiters copy values to delimiter thru ">"] values – rebolek Jul 6 '15 at 16:54
  • The parsing in my Rebol system/version does not return the "txt-medium txt-bold" as in your case. I get == "" – Luis Jul 8 '15 at 8:45

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