I recently noticed that very few of my commits were showing on my Contributions graph even though they were inside of each repository. After deleting and re-adding my e-mail address my commits are now showing up.

Is there a way to get my older commits (which have to correct e-mail association) to show up on the Contributions graph as well?

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Yes this is possible. You can modify the GIT_AUTHOR_DATE and GIT_COMMITTER_DATE variables...

This project implements this in Python


Not only you can fill out the gaps, but you really can do whatever you want with those contributions: see The Fancy Github Contributions - CNTD




(and you can view those contributions in 3D now)

When I miss a day, I simply rebase a local history of one of my local clone, using git rcd to change the author date of a commit.
See "How to push a file to past time?".

git rcd @~2 '1 day ago'

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