I'm using this code to display toasts on an AngularJS site. I need to know how to put a line break
into the body. When I use the options shown in this question, it renders the tag on screen, rather than using it as html. How can I get a line break into a toast?

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There are two ways to allow some html tags, including line breaks, in a toast.

Include 'body-output-type': 'trustedHtml' in toaster-options.

<toaster-container toaster-options="{
    'closeButton': false,
    'debug': false,
    'position-class': 'toast-bottom-right',
    'onclick': null,
    'showDuration': '200',
    'hideDuration': '1000',
    'timeOut': '5000',
    'extendedTimeOut': '1000',
    'showEasing': 'swing',
    'hideEasing': 'linear',
    'showMethod': 'fadeIn',
    'hideMethod': 'fadeOut', 
    'body-output-type': 'trustedHtml'

Or include trustedHtml in a call to toaster.pop()

toaster.pop('success', 'Saved', 'Saved<br/>it!', 3000, 'trustedHtml');


    type: 'success',
    title: 'Saved',
    text: 'Saved<br/>it!',
    bodyOutputType: 'trustedHtml'


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