I have a WYSIWYG editor and I'm having problems with Firefox getting contenteditable to behave as expected. The problem arises with nested DIVs when contenteditable is set on each.. for example:


<div contenteditable='true'>
    <div contenteditable='false' style='padding:20px;'>don't want this deleted
        <div contenteditable='true'>this is editable</div>

Clicking on the 'this is editable' text doesn't set the cursor as expected but instead selects all the text and the parent DIV too.

However - taking out contenteditable on the outermost DIV fixes the problem. Unfortunately in my application I need those 3 levels as the outermost layer is the BODY tag of an editable IFrame.

This code works in IE(!) and Chrome. Is it a FF bug or am I missing something?

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