I was testing Redis Sentinel's failover ability. It worked, and Sentinel added some lines to the conf files. It auto-discovered the other sentinels and slave replicas, but it added some weird ids.

Can anyone tell me what those ids represent? Since they come right after known-sentinel, I assume they are the id of those sentinels but I can't be sure.

# Generated by CONFIG REWRITE
sentinel known-slave redis_master 6379
sentinel known-slave redis_master 6381
sentinel known-sentinel redis_master 26380
26f81b692201f11f0f16747b007da9d4f079d9d3  # this
sentinel known-sentinel redis_master 26381
0b613c6146bbf261f08c1b13f1d1b2dbc2f99413 # and this?

It's the run_id of sentinel. Remember sentinel is a special redis instance. Log into the sentinel and using "info server" to see its information, which includes the run_id. e.g.

redis-cli -h sentinel_host -p sentinel_port
info server

If you have multiple sentinels, you can use

sentinel sentinels mymaster(or redis_master in your situation)

to list all other sentinels' infomation.

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