I have these strings:

baseUrl = "http://www.example.com"
baseUrl = "https://secure.example-server.com:443"

Can someone tell me how I can extract the server information from baseUrl so I can get either "example" and "example-server"


You can use regex:


Regex Explanation

  1. /: Delimiters of regex
  2. \.: Matches . literal(need to be escaped)
  3. (): Capturing group
  4. .*?: Match any string
  5. co: Matches string co
  6. i: Match in-case-sensitive
  7. [1]: Get the capturing group

Regex Visualization

enter image description here


You can split strings at certain chars with split("."); (see http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/jsref_split.asp) then you can compare the results to your predefined words.

or you take the 2nd element of the results which would usually(?) be what you are looking for.


Take a look to this free library: http://medialize.github.io/URI.js/.


If you just want to extract string between two '.'s (or Domain name in URL), you can try this:

var firstDotPos = baseUrl.indexOf(".");
var secondDotPos = baseUrl.indexOf(".",firstDotPos);
var yourString = baseUrl.substring(firstDotPos + 1, 18);
console.log(yourString )

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