FYI my certificate is trusted by GeoTrust SSL CA.

I do the following command :

npm adduser --registry https://npm.****.fr and the error thrown is UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE.

I did a lot of test to fix it.

  1. I try with curl and fix the issue by adding my website CRT on system (/usr/share/ca-certificates/extra/***.crt then dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates). The same error occured on NPM.
  2. I try to specify option ca, cafile, cert, nothing change.
  3. If I provide the option strictssl=false, it works but I don't really like this option...

Any ideas ?


I had a similar issue, following command did the trick:

npm config set strict-ssl false

I fix it by adding the CA certificate to my server.

Indeed it's the CA certificate missing, not the website certificate. But it is strange that GeoTrust SSL CA is not provide with apt-get install ca-certificates.

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