I'm going through the PHP manual and found the word 'userland' a couple of times. What does that usually mean? I found it in this page; I think it's the source code itself but I'm not sure.

From PHP manual:

While executing in a debug environment, configured with --enable-debug, the leak function used in the next example is actually implemented by the engine and is available to call in userland.


It's not a PHP term, but a general computing one:

The term userland (or user space) refers to all code which runs outside the operating system's kernel.


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    Although userland is a general term, it does seem to have specific meaning in PHP due to PHP's global namespace where application code identifiers (userland) can clash with the language's own identifiers. There is a guide to help prevent this happening and namespaces have been introduced to help overcome the problem. – Anthony Hepple Nov 5 '15 at 15:13

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