Flickr's tag API doesn't seem to return all of the tags for a given photo.

Flickr began automatically tagging photos a month or two ago. So now a given photo can be tagged with zero or more user tags added by users, and zero or more machine tags added by Flickr's algorithms.

Flickr's API offers the flickr.tags.getListPhoto method for retrieving tags. But it only seems to return user tags. https://www.flickr.com/services/api/explore/flickr.tags.getListPhoto

The tags that are returned (the user tags) all include a machine_tag="0" pair, so I assume there's a way to get the machine tags, at least planned if not implemented. Here's a JSON example of the output from getListPhoto:

{ "photo": { "id": "18791800953", 
    "tags": { 
      "tag": [
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-3318", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "downtown", "_content": "downtown", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-1306", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "skyscraper", "_content": "skyscraper", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-553", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "building", "_content": "building", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-16588", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "high-rise", "_content": "highrise", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-4603", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "Las Vegas", "_content": "lasvegas", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-6215", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "Nevada", "_content": "nevada", "machine_tag": 0 },
        { "id": "126228644-18791800953-291", "author": "126251698@N03", "authorname": "jorgemolina37", "raw": "urban", "_content": "urban", "machine_tag": 0 }
      ] } }, "stat": "ok" }

In addition to the above user tags, this image also has machine tags such as "blackandwhite", "outdoor", and "monochrome" that are not returned in the JSON: https://www.flickr.com/photos/miamiboy/18791800953/

I haven't seen anything in the documentation that discusses machine tags (or even mentions them), presumably because they're new.

Am I missing something? Is there a parameter or another method I missed somewhere? Or are the machine tags just not available (yet?)?


The getPhotos service allows you to specify 'extras' to be returned. You can specify 'machine_tags' as one of the extras: https://www.flickr.com/services/api/explore/flickr.photosets.getPhotos

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    Thanks for the hint. I tried adding machine_tags as an extra, and the returned JSON had a machine_tags field, but the field was empty for all of the images I tried, even for images that show machine tags when browsed on the web. Any ideas why? – Ryan Micallef Sep 16 '15 at 20:29
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    Machine tags are different that autotags. Machine tags are added by people (or software) and are otherwise normal tags of the form flora:tree=coniferous, but have some special handling. Autotags are added by Flickr using image recognition. But it seems the autotags aren't actually available through the API. Let me know if you find out otherwise! (Or you could scrape the page...) – Hugo Oct 27 '15 at 19:59
  • The autotags functionality it's still not available on October 2018. Maybe one day... – xarlymg89 Oct 8 '18 at 11:42

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