How do I query on a property that contains a '-' symbol.

Specifically I want to perform this query:

SELECT * FROM c.inside.abs-humid

But this gives me an error.

Querying on properties without dash is working perfectly fine, how do i do this?


DocumentDB uses JSON notation for escaping property names. Try:

SELECT * FROM c.inside["abs-humid"]

  • I need to query on a specific attribute value, to facilitate a partial-name, case insensitive search. Value in the doc-attribute is "Team WBH/Grayscale" the following query does not yield any result: SELECT * FROM c WHERE CONTAINS(UPPER(c.name, 'WBH/GRAY'))and I provide a partial string "WBH/Gray". It is because of the forward slash, because partial name searches without the special character works just fine. Any ideas? – Web User Mar 21 '17 at 16:04

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