I'm using static site generator cactusformac.com and I just hit deploy and I was hoping the url would be ONLY beccashayne.com but instead it is http://beccashayne.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/.

How do I get rid of the .s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ and have just beccashayne.com? Or do I need to manually upload all of the content to an FTP thing like cyberduck?

Any advice for a super not advanced developer is helpful I have no idea what I'm doing and all of the docs in AWS are really heavy.


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Use Route53 and register your domain beccashyne.com then in the Route53 then the following step:

  1. DNS management click on your Hosted zones, click on your domain name
  2. Click on Create Record Set
  3. In the "Create Record Set" leave your Name blank; Type A - IPv4 address; Alias = Yes; Alias Target: select your S3 Endpoint should be something like "s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com" and that's it!

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