I'm using vagrant to stand up some development environments. I have vagrant create a synced folder on the host machine. I have chef git-clone a project into the corresponding folder on the guest machine. This project then obviously appears in the synced folder on the host machine. All good...

However, if I need to destroy the vagrant instance, the synced folder and project still exists on the host machine. I find it best to delete this folder before I vagrant up again to avoid unexpectedly altering the freshly cloned project. Of course, I often forget to do this and it wastes a lot of time.

My question: Can and how do I configure vagrant to delete the synced folder on the host machine when I execute vagrant up?


Vagrantfile is basically a piece of Ruby code, so you can put a quite complicated logic there. This answer shows how command line arguments can be obtained in the file so you can execute some deletion actions only during vagrant up process.

But I would recommend you to install vagrant-triggers plugin and use it.

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  • The vagrant-triggers plugin is perfect! Thank you! – nat Jul 12 '15 at 21:35

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