I have a MySQL table column with enum data type "1","0" (Yes,No). On runtime I want to change the yes option with checkmark and No option with crossmark. I am using bootstrap glyphicon. So far I have done the following :

if ($row_healthplans['PlatinumPlan']=1) {
    echo '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-ok text-center"></span>';
} else {
    echo '<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-remove"></span>';

I don't know what's wrong but it is not working. Please help.


its not

    if ($row_healthplans['PlatinumPlan']=1)

its ==

    if ($row_healthplans['PlatinumPlan']==1)

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Since 0 is false and anything else is true in php, you could simply do:

    ... code for dash
    ... code for plus

You might even consider ternary operation for this:

$symbol = ($row_healthplans['PlatinumPlan']) ? ... plus glyph icon : ... minus glyph icon;

That is, only if the end result will be a variable with the correct glyph icon is desired and other processing isn't needed.

I hope this helps.

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