When using the MediaWiki software, how do you disable the popup saying "Your edit was saved." from appearing?

This feature has been created after A/B testing to provide users a feedback that their edit indeed has been saved. The module providing this functionality appears to be unconditionally loaded, a cookie, set in EditPage.php will trigger this label/popup on the next page loading with action=view (the default action). The HTML snipped displayed is called postEdit.html and located in the templates directory of MediaWiki.

2 ways to get rid of it:

  • As a server administrator (and you'll have to remember to re-install this hack after upgrading): Remove the line loading the module mediawiki.action.view.postEdit - this will possibly save you a few bytes bandwidth, too.
  • As a site administrator: Hide the message by adding the following to MediaWiki:Common.css:

    .postedit { display: none; }

Two SE-members voted the question down, for no obvious reason, hence this answer. Personally I never felt there was a pressing need for introducing this feature.

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