I have this condition:

<#if tag.level?? && tag.level == "IMPORTANT">

Is it possible to shorten it to something like this?

<#if tag.level!"" == "IMPORTANT">

If I try this

<#assign tag = {"bar": "AA"} >
${ ((tag.bar)!"x") = "x" }

I get

Can't convert boolean to string automatically, because the "boolean_format" setting was "true,false", which is the legacy default computer-language format, and hence isn't accepted.

See http://freemarker-online.kenshoo.com/


1) ${ ((tag.bar)!"x") = "x" } should be probably ${ ((tag.bar)!"x") == "x" }.

2) Use a built-in to display boolean, either ${ (((tag.bar)!"x") = "x")?c } (if your Freemarker is newer than 2.3.20), or ${ (((tag.bar)!"x") = "x")?string("true", "false") }

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It's a precedence issue that you run into. This works:

<#if (tag.level!"") == "IMPORTANT">

but for this kind of default there's a shorter form:

<#if tag.level! == "IMPORTANT">
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