According to Eigen's documentation when creating a std::vector with a "fixed-size vectorizable Eigen types", the Eigen::aligned_allocator must be used, e.g.:

std::vector<Eigen::Vector4f,Eigen::aligned_allocator<Eigen::Vector4f> > myVector;

I have a class containing fixed-size Eigen members, and a std::vector of that class, e.g.:

class myClass{
public:    Eigen::Vector2d v;
std::vector<myClass> myVector;
std::vector<myClass*> myPtrVector;

Question: Am I required to use Eigen::aligned_allocator for vectors of classes containing Eigen members (the same way as vectors of Eigen types directly)?

(I'm using Visual Studio 2013, if that matters)

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I believe the answer is yes.

The very first sentence on the page you referenced says "... or classes having members of such types, requires taking the following two steps

  • A 16-byte-aligned allocator must be used. Eigen does provide one ready for use: aligned_allocator.
  • If you want to use the std::vector container, you need to #include . "

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