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App.Config Transformation for 'none web projects' in Visual Studio 2010?

Basically, the question above. The new config transformations that are provided for a web.config file for different environments are really nice.

However, I'd like the same functionality for app.configs that vary across testing environments.

Does anyone know of a way to make this work?

Thanks in advance.

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Vishal Joshi has a post on this: Applying XDT magic to App.Config

There's also a related, though possibly dated, question on StackOverflow here: App.Config Transformation for Visual Studio 2010?


I recently made a post about this, you can find it at:

Visual Studio App.config XML Transformation

It's based on the Vishal Joshi post but removes the requirement to change the build action of the app.config files to Content and also adds support for ClickOnce deployment.


Officially, no.

Off the record, yes. Here's the best blog post I've seen on enabling the transformations for app.config files:

Vishal Joshi's Tangent: Applying XDT magic to App.config

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