I downloaded apple researchkit last month and run its sample. It worked and every thing was fine. This week i tried to run it , i had build failed and the error is that i need to have appledoc:

error: appledoc is required for building ResearchKit's documentation. See http://appledoc.gentlebytes.com

I did some research and i found this page

 [1]: https://github.com/tomaz/appledoc#quick-install

I downloaded the project and built it and i found my

build directory.

But, i didn't know what is the executable file in this directory and how can i add it to the path. Can someone help me ? thanks a lot.


I had the same error message when I opened a working ResearchKit project that was stored in Dropbox on a different computer from the one it was created on. I noticed that there was a file called "doc" in the Target section of the ResearchKit.xcodeproj. Deleting that file resolved the problem. I have no idea how the "doc" file got there in the first place, but I've duplicated the problem (and solution) since.

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