I have given vowpal wabbit a dataset with two labels and performed logistic regression with it. The problem is, it is returning real numbers varying from positive to negative as prediction. Now if I want to transform these values to probability of some sort. How should I go about it.

I was thinking maybe the predicted value is a'x where a is coefficient vector and x is the feature vector. If this is the case then I can directly use the binomial link function to get the probs.


Use --link=logistic in command line.
Alternatively you may use script logistic in vw's utl folder to convert already obtained results.
Pls refer to How to return predictions in the [0, 1] interval for SVMs in vowpal wabbit

  • I used the command line vw --save_resume --readable_model ob/e/nsefut/VW_testing/buyModel.VWM -d ob/e/nsefut/VW_testing/VWbuy.VWF --quiet --predictions ob/e/nsefut/VW_testing/buyPredict.VWP --loss_function logistic --noconstant -f ob/e/nsefut/VW_testing/vwBuyModel.m --link logistic . Then it says --link unrecognised option. – DarkHorse Jul 13 '15 at 4:28
  • 1
    Mine works fine. Could you try --link=logistic instead of --link logistic? Probably your VW version is too old. What's your VW version? You can get v8.0 from github – truf Jul 13 '15 at 13:16

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