How can I export all files that were changed in the last commit ?

Can I get only the list of last committed files is separate folder ?

  1. Create a file with name git-copy.sh with the following content:

    # Target directory
    echo "Finding and copying files and folders to $TARGET"
    for i in $(git diff --name-only $1 $2)
            # First create the target directory, if it doesn't exist.
            mkdir -p "$TARGET/$(dirname $i)"
             # Then copy over the file.
            cp "$i" "$TARGET/$i"
    echo "Files copied to target directory";
  2. Run the script as a command from the root of your git project:

    ./git-copy.sh git-hash-1 git-hash-2 path/to/destination/folder

It will copy all the files with same directory structure to the destination folder.

  • I need the modified files to be copied in the same folder structure. Can anyone help me – Navin prasad Dec 28 '18 at 11:20

Here is a small bash(Unix) script that I wrote that will copy files for a given commit hash with the folder structure:

ARRAY=($(git diff-tree -r --no-commit-id --name-only --diff-filter=ACMRT $1))

if [ -d "$2" ]; then

    for i in "${ARRAY[@]}"
        cp --parents "$PWD/$i" $2
    echo "Chosen destination folder does not exist."

Create a file named '~/Scripts/copy-commit.sh' then give it execution privileges:

chmod a+x ~/Scripts/copy-commit.sh

Then, from the root of the git repository:

~/Scripts/copy-commit.sh COMMIT_KEY ~/Existing/Destination/Folder/

To get the last commit hash:

git rev-parse HEAD

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