From my controller I set my Model and view like:

ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView();


mav.addObject("user", user);
mav.addObject("someCollection", someCollection);

return mav;

Now I want to create a helper type object that will take the someCollection and the user object as parameters.

My helper function will output some HTML etc., is this possible?

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You can write macros and directives using FTL or Java, expose them to your templates and invoke them same way you normally do with built-in macros/directives.


Nothing prevents you from putting any Java object, e.g. a helper instance, to the model and then call a method of it using the syntax like this: ${helper.myMethod(arg)}.

 * Add logotype logotype1AsBase64.
 * @return
 * @throws IOException 
public String getLogotype() 
        throws IOException {
    return logotypeService.getLogotype();

public void addAttributes(Model model) throws IOException {
    model.addAttribute("logotype1AsBase64", logotypeCacheServ.getImage("logotypeInEnglish1From20190101.png"));

Then to use it:

<img src="<#if locale == 'specificLocale'>${logotype1AsBase64}></#if>" alt="description for picture">

And the model attribute can contain more html other than base64 for logotype, if the setup is as such.

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