NOTE: Posted on Sandcastle Help Builder website as well.

I got this error:

BUILDASSEMBLER : error : BuildAssembler: The type 'SandcastleBuilder.Components.ShowMissingComponent' was not found in the component assembly 'C:\Program Files\EWSoftware\Sandcastle Help File Builder

I checked (vis Reflector); it's there. Uninstalled and reinstalled:

  • Sandcastle (Version 2.6.1062.1)
  • Help File Builder ( Release)
  • VS 2008 SDK 1.1

Still getting error. Note this warning in the log: SHFB: Warning BE0004: MRefBuilder has a version of '2.6.10621.1' but version '2.4.10520.1' was expected. You may need to update your copy of the help file builder.

Any help will be appriciated.

Thanks, BP


I too got the same problem.

Solved it by installing an older version of sandcastle(2.4.10520.1). You can download the older version from here:


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