I'm attempting to do the things written on this site www.excel-easy.com but when I click the commandbutton (from ActiveX controls) in the worksheet just like what the website instructed, nothing happens. I tried to use a button from form controls, but it says that the error is in this ---> DinnerPlannerUserForm.Show

My Code:

Sub Button2_Click()
End Sub

When I used F8, it said the error is here --> Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

    'Empty NameTextBox
    NameTextBox.Value = ""

    'Empty PhoneTextBox
    PhoneTextBox.Value = ""

    'Empty CityListBox

    'Fill CityListBox
    With CityListBox
        .AddItem "San Francisco"
        .AddItem "Oakland"
        .AddItem "Richmond"
    End With

    'Empty DinnerComboBox

    'Fill DinnerComboBox
    With DinnerComboBox
        .AddItem "Italian"
        .AddItem "Chinese"
        .AddItem "Frites and Meat"
    End With

    'Uncheck DataCheckBoxes
    DateCheckBox1.Value = False
    DateCheckBox2.Value = False
    DateCheckBox3.Value = False

    'Set no car as default
    CarOptionButton2.Value = True

    'Empty MoneyTextBox
    MoneyTextBox.Value = ""

    'Set Focus on NameTextBox

End Sub
  • Try adding UserForm - In the Visual Basic Editor click the Insert UserForm button (or go to Insert > UserForm) – 0m3r Jul 11 '15 at 5:24
  • 1
    In my case, the debugger highlighted the UserForm.Show line but the problem was in the Userform_Initialize() procedure. I had a line of code unrelated to the UserForm where I had failed to declare an object. The limits of VBA's debugger can throw off your search for the error. – PhillipOReilly Jul 31 '17 at 19:46

This error can also occur when you remove or delete a textbox from your form, but forget to remove it from a line in initialization for eg:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    CommandButton2.Enabled = False
    TextBox4.Enabled = False    'textbox deleted from form
End sub

I was able to solve these by changing

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()


Private Sub DinnerPlannerUserForm_Initialize()

See if it works

Hard to tell based on what you have said. But -- the fact that you said using F8 indicated that the error is in Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() suggests that the userform exists and VBA knows how to find it (otherwise its initialize event wouldn't be firing when you click the form button). Hence -- it is one of the lines in the initialize sub which is the culprit. Which line specifically is flagged? I'm guessing that a simple typo in the name of one of the controls (e.g. DinnerComboBox) is the problem.

I'm assuming this issue has been resolved, but for anyone just now looking at it. I had this issue and it turned out to be that I had removed a ComboBox from my form, but it was still referenced in the code. Once I removed that section of the code, it worked beautifully.

I was using the same tutorial and solved the problem by changing the Initialize command:

It is given as

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

I named my user form (for my own purposes)


and changing the code to

Private Sub StdTimeCalculatorForm_Initialize()

solved the problem. Hope this helps.

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