I used successfully my raspberry camera times ago. Now I tried again to acquire a image with the raspistill -o image.jpg command; the red led on the camera flashes, but I get this error:

mmal: No data received from sensor. 
Check all connections, including the Sunny one on the camera board

Of course the camera connections are fine. Is there any other way to check if the camera is still working?


This error usually appears because of a faulty connection with the camera. I had the exact same problem in different camera+Pi configurations. The following case is what I encountered:

  1. The connector is not correctly inserted either in the camera or in the Pi.
  2. The Sunny connector (the small yellow one on the camera) is not connected well. (now it gets interesting)
  3. If you often remove and reinsert the camera in the Pi please be sure to remove all power from the Pi. The sensor is very sensitive and a spark on the wrong pin could burn it. (I did this already unfortunately) This could also trigger a problem with the Pi connector pins. It was somewhat confirmed that for Pi2 the connector may have some bad soldering which could lead to cold contact soldering. You can fix this by using some flux on the pins and then pass the soldering iron hot end over the pins to remake the connection.
  4. I used a longer cable that had both connectors on the same side of the cable. If you connect it like it is you can burn your sensor and the Pi will not start because of the power surge (also the camera gets very hot in this case). DO NOT REMOVE IT from the Pi without removing power before. To a cable like this you have to remove the blue plastic from one end and bend the connector with the contacts on the other side. Insert this end in the camera since this will not be removed/inserted as often as the Pi end.
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    pi@raspberrypi:~ $ vcgencmd get_camera supported=1 detected=1 still i had same error. any suggestion ? – M. D. P Oct 13 '18 at 8:04

I was too experiencing the same problem, until I found a solution.

I removed the sunny connector(the yellow thingy below the camera in the board) and fixed it in the same place. The camera is working fine after trying this.


The only fix for me was to purchase a new camera.

  • No real root causes identified.

  • My problem was I put the camera in, while the Pi was on. which might have made the camera shot. i.e the camera module is static sensitive and it's possible that it's been damaged

Unfortunately if this is the case there's nothing you can realistically do to fix it, just get a replacement.


Make sure that the silver contacts are well inserted into the PCB connector. (video here)

Also, make sure that the sunny connector is firmly attached. Sunny connector

This fixed it for me.

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