What is the correct way to check a variable's type in a Roslyn code analyzer? I am registering for a ObjectCreationExpressionSyntax node and I can get the type, but I am not certain the correct way to check that it is a type I care about.

I found a way to do it by checking the display string, but I am wondering if there is a more correct way to accomplish this. For example, here is code that is trying to check for an ArrayList creation.

private static void SyntaxValidator(SyntaxNodeAnalysisContext context)
    var creation = (ObjectCreationExpressionSyntax)context.Node;

    var variableType = creation.Type as IdentifierNameSyntax;

    if (variableType == null)

    var variableTypeInfo = context.SemanticModel.GetTypeInfo(context.Node);

    if (variableTypeInfo.Type != null && variableTypeInfo.Type.ToDisplayString().Equals("System.Collections.ArrayList"))
        context.ReportDiagnostic(Diagnostic.Create(Rule, creations.GetLocation(), ""));
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The normal pattern for doing this is to use Compilation.GetTypeByMetadataName(), and then compare that ITypeSymbol with The one you got back from SemanticModel.GetTypeInfo().

Note: Make sure to use .Equals to compare ITypeSymbol instances, as some of them do not guarantee reference identity.

See: http://source.roslyn.io/Roslyn.Diagnostics.Analyzers/R/fee46febeb0be269.html for an example of an analyzer that does this.

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    the link is broken. Could you edit the answer to include the updated link? – Eriawan Kusumawardhono Feb 9 '17 at 4:24

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