I have three different Classes or Activities in an array. Each Class represents a puzzle. I have a function that rearranges the array at the start of the app so that the user won't see the same puzzle every time when they begin the app.

I want to pass this array of Classes from activity to activity. I am able to set the array to get passed but have no idea how to retrieve it in the following activity.

Here is the set up in Activity One

Class[] array = {PuzzleOne.class, PuzzleTwo.class, PuzzleThree.class};
Intent goToPuzzleOne = new Intent(MainActivity.this, array[0]);

How do I retrieve this class in Activity Two? Here's what I have so far

 Bundle extras = getIntent().getExtras();
 Class[] array = extras.NO IDEA HOW TO RETRIEVE IT HERE

Please let me know if there is a solution. Thank you.


Since we're dealing with a Map, you should go with:

Object[] array = (Object[]) extras.get("classes"); // you cannot cast to Class[] !

and then:

Class a = (Class) array[0]; // and etc.

You can look what the type of the second parameter of putExtra("classes", array) is, which turns out to be a Serializable.

Therefore you can get it back with getSerializable() and cast it to your Class array:

Class[] array = (Class[]) extras.getSerializable("classes");
  • Thank you, that works great! I haven't dealt much with serialization in the past, and although this works, I'm not exactly sure why? What does it mean for a class to be serialized? Is serialization primarily used for classes? Thank you, understanding the code helps me tremendously. I appreciate it! – Mark F Jul 13 '15 at 1:37

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