I have a workbook that has stock data pulled in using the webservice function and I refresh it using Alt-Ctrl-F9. I am trying to create a macro that will do the same function as Alt-Ctrl-F9 but I haven't had any luck. I have tried recording myself pressing those buttons, I've tried


and I have also tried


So far, I am having no luck...

  • Did you really try to create the macro? It gives the answer...
    – Byron Wall
    Jul 12, 2015 at 23:24
  • trying to get it to be part of a bigger macro and I don't want to have to manually click those functions every 15 minutes just so my other macro will work correctly. Jul 12, 2015 at 23:29
  • I see now what you are saying. When I recorded my steps, it gives me the first of your two answers and it didn't work correctly. Jul 12, 2015 at 23:34
  • Thanks for adding that. That makes sense then. I have had similar issues when working with third party UDFs especially when they return different results even for the same parameters. I don't think it's possible to get the FullRebuild version from the recorder.
    – Byron Wall
    Jul 12, 2015 at 23:37
  • Beats me. I have been attempting to find my way around macros for the last week and half. Most of these things just go right over my head right now. Hopefully when I get my Macros book I'll start catching up. Jul 13, 2015 at 0:09

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The former is the one that is used if you record a macro while hitting CTRL+ALT+F9. The latter is a more thorough version which rebuilds the calculation tree. See CalculateFullRebuild and CalculateFull at MS support for the full story.

  • Beautiful! i used the latter of the two. I should have posted this a long while ago... Thanks for the help. Jul 12, 2015 at 23:31

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