Even after searching and trying for a long time I am not sure whether it is possible it or not.

I have a PP model using SQL source. Let's say command is:

select * from FactInternetSales where CustomerKey  = 11001

and I have filter, 'CustomerKey' and based on the filter selection I want to update the command. For e.g:

select * from FactInternetSales where CustomerKey  = 11002

The code I am trying is:

Dim mdl As ModelTable
    Dim wcon As WorkbookConnection
    Dim cmd As String

    Set mdl = ActiveWorkbook.Model.ModelTables("Customers")
    Debug.Print mdl.SourceWorkbookConnection.OLEDBConnection.CommandText
    mdl.SourceWorkbookConnection.OLEDBConnection.CommandText = "select * from      FactInternetSales where CustomerKey  = 11002" 

Trying to assign a command results in 'Run-time error 1004'

I just come across this link, it seems possible. But I am not getting the 'temporary tables' part. Please share your opinion (and the VBA) code you have used to address this.

Thanks, Prakash

  • 1004 implies it's a read-only (or at least disallowed for editing) property of the object, and therefore can't be assigned through VBA, I'm also chasing the chap in your link for the script! – baldmosher Jun 8 '17 at 10:26
  • Seems the Connection is not read-only (if you create it through Excel wizard not direct in PP) but the CommandText is read-only link – baldmosher Jun 8 '17 at 10:43
  • ....but as soon as you edit the connection in PP it makes it completely read-only again. – baldmosher Jun 8 '17 at 10:50

I see my own question here after a long time. I have already found the solution so answering my own question.

The solution is that the connection need to be created from Excel Data menu and load/import the data from there ('Only Create Connection' and 'Add this data to Data Model'). The Data Model is marked read-only if the creation is created using PP window. And also if the tables/fields are renamed/added after importing from Excel Data menu, the Data Model is marked read-only but no problem in relationship and measures creation/addition.


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