I am attempting to Set-Acl on a Computer Object in AD. Firstly I get the ACL using:

$acl = (Get-Acl AD:\'CN=Tester1,OU=Ou1,OU=OU2,OU=OU3,DC=Contoso,DC=com').Access

Which gives me all the ACL for that computer object. I then use:

$acl.AddAccessRule((New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule("Computername","FullControl")))

Any pointers in the right direction would be helpful. My aim is to add a computer object to the computer object 'Tester1' and give it Full Access permissions.

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ActiveDirectory isn't a filesystem. You must create a new ACE for an AD object as an ActiveDirectoryAccessRule.

$path = "AD:\CN=Tester1,OU=Ou1,OU=OU2,OU=OU3,DC=Contoso,DC=com"
$acl = Get-Acl -Path $path
$ace = New-Object Security.AccessControl.ActiveDirectoryAccessRule('DOMAIN\Computername','FullControl')
Set-Acl -Path $path -AclObject $acl

ACE for AD objects you must create with System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectoryAccessRule object instead of System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAccessRule.

Good description and example is here: Add Object Specific ACEs using Active Directory Powershell


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