I'm making a user management system for my app, and I need to send users a "forgot my password" email with a token that lets them reset their account password. I signed up for SendGrid through Azure (to get the 25,000 emails per month free, which sounded like a great deal) and wrote some code to use it, but after testing my program a bit I was dismayed to find that only a couple of my emails actually went through.

After going onto the SG control panel, I found that 4 out of the 6 test emails I sent went through, and all of the others were rejected as being spam. I sent an email to mail-tester.com to see what it though my spam score was and it gave me a 4.3/10.

The email in question was a single sentence with a link to the password reset, without any images or other elements. I only sent those 6 emails out, so the volume of my emails definitely wasn't the issue. Still, I'm very puzzled as to why my messages are getting flagged as spam.

Without going to the trouble of making an elaborate authentication setup, are there any basic changes I can make to my system to make it get through to users?


In this case it's most likely because you are sending such a short message, with a link to 'reset your password' from a non-whitelabelled email address (the email address you're sending from cannot be verified against the actual domain), and the link may also be a different URL. It's probably getting pulled up as a potential phishing email.

You can rectify this by white labeling your domain and email links via the SendGrid dashboard, it's easy to do and should improve your deliverability.

Also check out this article from the SendGrid support team about White Labeling.

  • I've got the most bizarre scenario, I've set up automated email accounts in AWS WorkMail/SES and set up Sendgrid as well. Firing off emails from a sendgrid lambda script, 3 projects work perfectly w/o whitelabeling. 1 project always go to spam even after setting up DKIM and whitelabeling. So to anyone reading -- whitelabeling isnt a bullet proof solution – Stephen Tetreault Jul 5 '18 at 13:56

In my case my emails are marked as spam because of the anchor label different to the href being actually called. And that's because of the 'click tracking' setting of sendgrid.

So, if you have something like

<a href="http://yourdomain.com">yourdomain.com</a>

sendgrid may replace the href and you end up with something like:

<a href="http://sendgrid.net/....<very-long-url>.......">yourdomain.com</a>

The sendgrid page being called tracks the click and then redirects the user to the url you originally set. But this sometimes results in your email being marked as spam.

Try to set 'click tracking' in sendgrid dashboard to off: settings | tracking | click tracking.

details here: https://sendgrid.com/docs/ui/account-and-settings/tracking/

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