In SQL Server, what is the best way to identify all rows in a table where a certain column contains the TAB character (CHAR(9))

Is it as simple as

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Field1 LIKE '%' + CHAR(9) + '%'

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RTRIM CHAR columns. like this:

SELECT        *
FROM          MyTable 
WHERE        (RTRIM(Field1) LIKE '%' + CHAR(9) +  '%')

Previous query fails, with: "missing expression" message, In Oracle, this is the correct syntax

select *
  from MyTable
 where Field1 '%' || CHR(9) || '%';

Other solution can be:

Select *
  from MyTable
  where instr(Field1, CHR(9)) <> 0;


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    This question only has SQL Server tags. Your answer is redundant.
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    Jun 7, 2017 at 8:06

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