I am trying to extract .rar file using .net zip library (Ionic.Zip.dll). I got error "cannot read that as a zipfile" while executing following code;

using (ZipFile zip1 = ZipFile.Read("E:\\APPS\\package.rar")){

I know the error is self explanatory but documentation of Ionic.Zip says that it can be used to extract .rar files. Any ideas?

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    Where did you see it in the documentation? I just looked at the FAQ: "Can DotNetZip read or write RAR files? No. DotNetZip does zip files."
    – carlpett
    Jul 13, 2015 at 11:38

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Well, I not found anywhere in description that DotNetZip can extract rar files. He can extract zip created with WinRAR but nowhere notice rar file can be extracted.

DotNetZip - Zip and Unzip in C#, VB, any .NET language

But, there is something interesting (link bellow) :

SharpCompress - a fully native C# library for RAR, 7Zip, Zip, Tar, GZip, BZip2

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