I try this

let dict: [String:String] = ["1":"one","2":"two","3":"three","4":"four"]
let keyArray = [String](dict.keys)
let valueArray = [String](dict.values)


i hope the result should be

//dict = ["1":"one","2":"two","3":"three","4":"four"]
//keyArray = ["1","2","3","4"]
//valueArray = ["one","two","three","four"]

but it's not it is

//dict = ["4": "four", "2": "two", "1": "one", "3":"three"]
//keyArray = ["4","2","1","3"]
//valueArray = ["four", "two", "one", "three"]

How do I get my hope result

Thank for any help


From the Swift Language Guide

A dictionary stores associations between keys of the same type and values of the same type in an collection with no defined ordering.

If you want a kind of ordering, get the keys, order them and get the associated values.

There are custom classes OrderedDictionary on GitHub with a backing array for the keys to keep the order.

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