In my makefile, I want to change a list of search directories from...

DIRS := ../project ../project/include ../project/src

to something like the following...

INCLUDES := -I"../project" -I"../project/include" -I"../project/src"

I tried using the following command in my makefile...

INCLUDES := $(patsubst %,-I"%",$(DIRS))

When the makefile outputs the list, it does not include the quotes...

INCLUDES = -I../project -I../project/include -I../project/src

But, when the compiler is called, the makefile uses the following line...

g++ ... -I"../project" -I"../project/include" -I"../project/src"

I don't get it. Why are they different?


You are doing it correctly. It is the shell invoked by the Makefile recipe that makes the quotes disappear. Consider the Makefile:

DIRS     := ../project ../project/include ../project/src
INCLUDES := $(patsubst %,-I"%",$(DIRS))

$(info $(INCLUDES))

        @echo $(INCLUDES)

make all returns:

-I"../project" -I"../project/include" -I"../project/src"
-I../project -I../project/include -I../project/src

As you see, the patsubst text function performs its job nicely.
The quotes are gone because of the variable expansion by the shell.
To preserve those, you should try escaping them:

INCLUDES := $(patsubst %,-I\"%\",$(DIRS))

In this case, make all outputs:

-I\"../project\" -I\"../project/include\" -I\"../project/src\"
-I"../project" -I"../project/include" -I"../project/src"

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