I am using espresso-contrib to perform actions on a RecyclerView, and it works as it should, ex:

.perform(RecyclerViewActions.actionOnItemAtPosition(0, click())); //click on first item

and I need to perform assertions on it. Something like this:

    .perform(RecyclerViewActions.actionOnItemAtPosition(0, check(matches(withText("Test Text"))));

but, because RecyclerViewActions is, of course, expecting an action, it says wrong 2nd argument type. There's no RecyclerViewAssertions on espresso-contrib.

Is there any way to perform assertions on a recycler view?

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You should check out Danny Roa's solution Custom RecyclerView Actions And use it like this:

    .atPositionOnView(1, R.id.ofElementYouWantToCheck))
    .check(matches(withText("Test text")));
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    Doesn't work for me if the item on that position currently doesn't fit the screen. – riwnodennyk Jan 14 '16 at 16:11
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    Try scrolling to the position first? onView(withId(R.id.id.recycler_view)).perform(RecyclerViewActions.scrollTo(2)); – HowieH Jan 15 '16 at 12:32
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    Still the same. Wouldn't work e.g. for position = 30. The problem is that RecyclerView.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(position) should be used of RecyclerView.getChildAt() as was shown in the answer below. – riwnodennyk Jan 16 '16 at 0:35
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    Still doesn't work for me if the item is offscreen, I added the findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(position) to the RecyclerViewMatcher. If I do this: onView(withRecyclerView(R.id.synology_apps_rv).atPositionOnView(7, R.id.not_installed_tv)).check(matches(withText(R.string.notinstalled))); The test fails, but if I do this: onView(withId(R.id.synology_apps_rv)).perform(RecyclerViewActions.scrollToPosition(7));onView(withRecyclerView(R.id.synology_apps_rv).atPositionOnView(7, R.id.not_installed_tv)).check(matches(withText(R.string.notinstalled))); the test succeeded – Koen Van Looveren Nov 6 '16 at 8:55
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    What if you have more than one recycler view with the same id? – Damia Fuentes Sep 5 '17 at 15:01

Pretty easy. No extra library is needed. Do:

            .check(matches(atPosition(0, withText("Test Text"))));

if your ViewHolder uses ViewGroup, wrap withText() with a hasDescendant() like:

                .check(matches(atPosition(0, hasDescendant(withText("Test Text")))));

with method you may put into your Utils class.

public static Matcher<View> atPosition(final int position, @NonNull final Matcher<View> itemMatcher) {
    return new BoundedMatcher<View, RecyclerView>(RecyclerView.class) {
        public void describeTo(Description description) {
            description.appendText("has item at position " + position + ": ");

        protected boolean matchesSafely(final RecyclerView view) {
            RecyclerView.ViewHolder viewHolder = view.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(position);
            if (viewHolder == null) {
                // has no item on such position
                return false;
            return itemMatcher.matches(viewHolder.itemView);

If your item may be not visible on the screen at first, then scroll to it before:

            .check(matches(atPosition(87, withText("Test Text"))));
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Just to enhance riwnodennyk's answer, if your ViewHolder is a ViewGroup instead of a direct View object like TextView, then you can add hasDescendant matcher to match the TextView object in the ViewGroup. Example:

    .check(matches(atPosition(0, hasDescendant(withText("First Element")))));
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    Perfect, all I was missing was the hasDescendant, thank you so much! – Rob Holmes Oct 17 '17 at 21:33

I have been struggling on the same issue where I have a recycler view with 6 items and then I have to choose the one at position 5 and the 5th one is not visible on the view.
The above solution also works. Also, I know its a bit late but thought its worth sharing.

I did this with a simple solution as below:

         hasDescendant(withText("Text of item you want to scroll to")), 

RecyclerViewActions.actionOnItem - Performs a ViewAction on a view matched by viewHolderMatcher.

  1. Scroll RecyclerView to the view matched by itemViewMatcher
  2. Perform an action on the matched view

More details can be found at : RecyclerViewActions.actionOnItem

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    Thank you! This works fine for a RecyclerView with simple item views. I have a project with multiple levels of nesting in the view hierarchy. If I use your solution there I end up with: PerformException: Error performing 'performing ViewAction: single click on item matching: holder with view: has descendant: with text: is "Test display name"' on view 'with id: com.example.com:id/my_recycler_view'. – JJD Nov 2 '16 at 11:02

In my case, it was necessary to merge Danny Roa's and riwnodennyk's solution:

.check(matches(atPositionOnView(80, withText("Test Test"), R.id.targetview)));

and the method :

public static Matcher<View> atPositionOnView(final int position, final Matcher<View> itemMatcher,
        @NonNull final int targetViewId) {

    return new BoundedMatcher<View, RecyclerView>(RecyclerView.class) {
        public void describeTo(Description description) {
            description.appendText("has view id " + itemMatcher + " at position " + position);

        public boolean matchesSafely(final RecyclerView recyclerView) {
            RecyclerView.ViewHolder viewHolder = recyclerView.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(position);
            View targetView = viewHolder.itemView.findViewById(targetViewId);
            return itemMatcher.matches(targetView);
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  • It still doesn't work. It tries to check the "Test Test" text on a RecyclerView instance, not the target view. – tomrozb Sep 7 '16 at 23:47
  • can you share Matcher import package – 1'hafs Nov 10 '17 at 14:02
  • import org.hamcrest.Matcher (from hamcrest-core-1.3) – Vince Nov 11 '17 at 17:45
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    It's not clear to me how I should get the targetViewId in order to pass it as a param to atPositionOnView – A Droid Feb 24 '18 at 17:09
  • Basically I don't know the id of the item beforehand because each time I run the test it could be different. It could be a TextView, a Button or something else. – A Droid Feb 24 '18 at 17:25

Danny Roa's solution is awesome, but it didn't work for the off-screen items I had just scrolled to. The fix is replacing this:

View targetView = recyclerView.getChildAt(this.position)

with this:

View targetView = recyclerView.findViewHolderForAdapterPosition(this.position)

... in the TestUtils class.

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This thread is pretty old but I recently extended the RecyclerViewAction support to be usable for assertions as well. This allows you to test off-screen elements without specifying a position while still using view matchers.

Check out this article > Better Android RecyclerView Testing!

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For testing all items (include off-screen) use code bellow


fun checkThatRedDotIsGone(itemPosition: Int) {
            check(itemViewMatches(itemPosition, R.id.inside_item_view,


object RecyclerViewAssertions {

fun itemViewMatches(position: Int, viewMatcher: Matcher<View>): ViewAssertion {
    return itemViewMatches(position, -1, viewMatcher)

 * Provides a RecyclerView assertion based on a view matcher. This allows you to
 * validate whether a RecyclerView contains a row in memory without scrolling the list.
 * @param viewMatcher - an Espresso ViewMatcher for a descendant of any row in the recycler.
 * @return an Espresso ViewAssertion to check against a RecyclerView.
fun itemViewMatches(position: Int, @IdRes resId: Int, viewMatcher: Matcher<View>): ViewAssertion {

    return ViewAssertion { view, noViewException ->
        if (noViewException != null) {
            throw noViewException

        assertTrue("View is RecyclerView", view is RecyclerView)

        val recyclerView = view as RecyclerView
        val adapter = recyclerView.adapter
        val itemType = adapter!!.getItemViewType(position)
        val viewHolder = adapter.createViewHolder(recyclerView, itemType)
        adapter.bindViewHolder(viewHolder, position)

        val targetView = if (resId == -1) {
        } else {

        if (viewMatcher.matches(targetView)) {
            return@ViewAssertion  // Found a matching view

        fail("No match found")


Solution based of this article > Better Android RecyclerView Testing!

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I combined a few answers above into a reusable method for testing other recycler views as the project grows. Leaving the code here in the event it helps anyone else out...

Declare a function that may be called on a RecyclerView Resource ID:

fun Int.shouldHaveTextAtPosition(text:String, position: Int) {
        .check(matches(atPosition(position, hasDescendant(withText(text)))))

Then call it on your recycler view to check the text displayed of multiple adapter items in the list at a given position by doing:

with(R.id.recycler_view_id) {
    shouldHaveTextAtPosition("Some Text at position 0", 0)
    shouldHaveTextAtPosition("Some Text at position 1", 1)
    shouldHaveTextAtPosition("Some Text at position 2", 2)
    shouldHaveTextAtPosition("Some Text at position 3", 3)
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The solutions above are great, I'm contributing one more in Kotlin.

Espresso needs to scroll to the position and then check it. To scroll to the position, I'm using RecyclerViewActions.scrollToPosition. Then use findViewHolderForAdapterPosition to perform the check. Instead of calling findViewHolderForAdapterPosition directly, I am using a nicer convenience function childOfViewAtPositionWithMatcher.

In the example code below, Espresso scrolls to row 43 of the RecyclerView and the checks that the row's ViewHolder has two TextViews and that those TextViews contain the text "hello text 1 at line 43" and "hello text 2 at line 43" respectively:

import androidx.test.espresso.contrib.RecyclerViewActions
import it.xabaras.android.espresso.recyclerviewchildactions.RecyclerViewChildActions.Companion.childOfViewAtPositionWithMatcher

// ...

                            withText("hello text 1 at line 43")
                            withText("hello text 2 at line 43")

Here are my build.gradle dependencies (newer versions may exist):

androidTestImplementation "androidx.test.espresso:espresso-contrib:3.2.0"
androidTestImplementation "it.xabaras.android.espresso:recyclerview-child-actions:1.0"
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Modified matcher solution for when you check if your item(Text in TextView) is first in RecyclerView.

// True if first item in the RV and input text
fun <T> customMatcherForFirstItem(name: String, matcher: Matcher<T>): Matcher<T> {
    return object: BaseMatcher<T> () {
        var isFirst = true
        override fun matches(item: Any): Boolean {
            if (isFirst && (item as TextView).text == name) {
                isFirst = false
                return true
            return false
        override fun describeTo(description: Description?) {}

Usage: (returns true if child textview in the item has the same text as we expect/search)

        customMatcherForFirstItem("TEXT_VIEW_TEXT", withParent(withId(R.id.recycler_view)))))

Based on -> https://proandroiddev.com/working-with-recycler-views-in-espresso-tests-6da21495182c

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