I recently upgraded from MongoDB 2.6 to 3.0.4 and also upgraded the Mongoose version to 4.0.0.

Now when ever i try to connect to mongo using mongoose:


On mongo logs i receive this message

SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication failed for user on dbname from client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

I checked in mongodb, the user exists in the admin. The command that i used is db.system.users.findOne({user:'user'})

The information returned by this statement contains SCRAM-SHA-1 information.

My question is how to specify SCRAM related information in mongoose while establishing connection. I read lots of articles, but failed to understand how its done

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Found the solution, I didn't passed the authDatabase name, that's why the connection failed. Earlier i was using this


Now i used this


Found this solution on Discussion thread of Mongoose itself


Don't forget to replace dbWithUserCredentials with your own. In most cases dbWithUserCredentials would be admin. All the credentials for login like username, password are already specified in the parameter passed to mongoose.connect().

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    dbWithUserCredentials is just a string. Though its not a good name for a string. In most cases dbWithUserCredentials would be admin, but in my case dbWithUserCredentials was something else. All the credentials for login like username, password are already specified in the parameter passed to mongoose.connect
    – sunitj
    Oct 30, 2015 at 9:45

I had a similar problem. It was fixed after updating mongoose to v4.1.11.

  • I'm running v4.4.10 but I still have this problem. Specifying the auth source via @sunitj's answer worked for me.
    – eremzeit
    Apr 5, 2016 at 22:09
  • Upgrading mongoose version helped me. Thank you :)
    – rtvalluri
    Jan 31, 2017 at 17:39

Changed to Mongoose version 4.0.3 and it works.

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