If I have this factory:

factory :product, class: Product do
  name        { Faker::Commerce.product_name }
  description { Faker::Lorem.paragraph }
  price       { Faker::Number.number(3) }

I can use create_list to create 2 products like this:

FactoryGirl.create_list(:product, 2)

but I want to pass in defaults to both my products, I would suppose something theoretically like this?:

prods = [{:name => "Product 1"},{:name => "Product 2"}]
FactoryGirl.create_list(:product, prods.count, prods)

I have searched for a while and cannot find the answer to this, is it possible using an elegant solution like create_list?

The reason I would like this solution is because :product is one of many child associations to a parent model. I would like a configurable way that I could generate the parent model factory through a single FactoryGirl.create command and pass in all the values I would like for child associations (through the use of FactoryGirl's traits and ignore blocks). I hope that makes sense. I could show a bunch of code here but I believe this provides enough context?


You can generate the list yourself:

data = [{:name => "Product 1"},{:name => "Product 2"}]
products = data.map { |p| FactoryGirl.create(:product, p) }

Which should leave you with an array of products.


Since v5.2.0 you can do this:

twenty_somethings = create_list(:user, 10) do |user, i|
  user.date_of_birth = (20 + i).years.ago

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