Can someone give me example for using Elasticsearch in jHipster or in Spring-boot?

I have already generated entity using jHipster. There are input with placeholder :query !

     * SEARCH  /_search/samples/:query -> search for the sample corresponding
     * to the query.
    @RequestMapping(value = "/_search/samples/{query}",
        method = RequestMethod.GET,
        produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
    public List<Sample> search(@PathVariable String query) {
        return StreamSupport
            .stream(sampleSearchRepository.search(queryString(query)).spliterator(), false)

How can use the elasticsearch ?

Here some script that i found in generated Entity!

I have already tried placing Object, q=field:value, Array with elastic format and always got empty Array.

Sorry for bad english!.


Well, it seems that your index is empty. If you add entities programmatically (i.e. not from the interface), be sure to save them in the search repository as well.

Example :

Sample sample = new Sample();
sample = sampleRepository.save(sample);

You need to reaffect sample to get the id generated by Hibernate correctly indexed in elasticsearch.

UPDATE 10/02/2016

There is now a JHipster module to reindex elasticsearch repositories.


You should just do a GET call to the url by substituting the placeolder with the string that you want to search in the 'sample' entity.

You can test the call by using a rest client (eg. restclient plugin for firefox) or curl. The url should be something like:


You'll get the results in json format.

If you need to customize the default search behaviour check the Elasticsearch documentation on Spring:


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