I have two tables, the first, hotel_info that has fields such as(hotel_id,hotel_name,location) and a second table rooms, that has room information such as(room_id,room_name,hotel_id,rate,description). I want a query that returns the minimum room rate for a hotel and all information about the hotel from the hotel_info table. So far I have this query that is working properly but its not returning the minimum room rate.

SELECT a.hotel_id,a.hotel_name ,a.location, b.rate FROM hotel_info a 
LEFT JOIN rooms b ON b.hotel_id=a.hotel_id 
GROUP BY hotel_id

How get the minimum room rate per hotel?

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You can use the mysql function min() such as

select a.hotel_id, min(b.rate) 
from hotel_info a 
left join rooms b on b.hotel_id = a.hotel_id 
group by a.hotel_id;
SELECT a.hotel_id, a.hotel_name, a.location, min(b.rate) as min_rate 
FROM hotel_info a 
LEFT JOIN rooms b ON b.hotel_id = a.hotel_id 
GROUP BY a.hotel_id, a.hotel_name, a.location

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