I have a schema assigned to my user (jason). I can't remove the schema as I don't have permissions to do so. Is there a nice way to remove each tables, data, everything in a schema and make it as if I had a freshly created schema. Basically the same effect as:

drop schema jason cascade;
create schema jason;

But without the actually dropping the schema.

  • I guess the best way would be to generate the list of DROP TABLE statements from the infomration_schema.tables and then run all them at once. – Ispirer SQLWays Migrations Jul 14 '15 at 12:10

Try this:

select 'drop table if exists "' || tablename || '" cascade;' 
  from pg_tables
 where schemaname = 'jason'; 

from stackoverflow.com/questions/3327312/drop-all-tables-in-postgresql

And RUN the commands returned!

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    I would also like to comment that this only creates the set of commands that you need to run after this to make delete the table. – Encompass Jul 17 '15 at 10:13

The accepted answer is great, but you can do this in just one step taking advantage from anonymous blocks (PosgreSQL 9.0+):

DO $$
    r record;
    FOR r IN SELECT quote_ident(tablename) AS tablename, quote_ident(schemaname) AS schemaname FROM pg_tables WHERE schemaname = 'public'
        RAISE INFO 'Dropping table %.%', r.schemaname, r.tablename;
        EXECUTE format('DROP TABLE IF EXISTS %I.%I CASCADE', r.schemaname, r.tablename);

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