I am very new to Jenkins.I went through this webpage (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Config+File+Provider+Plugin#ConfigFileProviderPlugin-MavenServerCredentials%28since2.7%29) and installed Config file management plugin in jenkins. I am able to create global Maven settings.xml and I am also able to attach it from the project configuration page so that the project can use the settings.xml while compiling. I am also able to add some credentials to the config file as well. My question is: what is the use of adding credentials to the settings.xml file.

Please pardon,if my question sounds too silly. Please help me out!



Here credentials are needed to perform some different tasks. e.g.

  • To deploy project to remote server needs username/password (of remote server's)
  • To clone a private repo (from BitBucket/GitHub) for building Jenkins job needs username/password.

Also can use 'SSH username with private key'.

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