I’m getting this exception when I access this method from my controller:

{"status":"failure","exception":"LazyInitializationException","exceptionMessage":"failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.mainco.subco.lessonplan.domain.LessonPlan.classrooms, could not initialize proxy - no Session","errorMessage":"failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: org.mainco.subco.lessonplan.domain.LessonPlan.classrooms, could not initialize proxy - no Session"}


private ThirdPartyService m_thirdPartySvc;


@RequestMapping(value = "/launch", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String launchLti(final @RequestParam String assignmentId,
                        final Model model,
                        final HttpServletRequest request,
                        final HttpServletResponse response,
                        final Principal principal) throws InvalidKeyException, UnsupportedEncodingException, NoSuchAlgorithmException
    final subcoAuthenticationUser auth = (subcoAuthenticationUser) ((Authentication) principal).getPrincipal();
    String nextPage = null;
    final User user = m_userSvc.findById(auth.getId());

    // Provision the assignment in ThirdParty if not already done so
    final Assignment assmt = m_lessonPlanDao.getAssignment(assignmentId);
    if (!assmt.isSentToThirdParty())
    }   // if

Is the @Transactional annotation unnecessary? Especially since I already have it on my @Service class…

public class ThirdPartyServiceImpl implements ThirdPartyService

    public void sendAssignment(final String assignmentId)
        final Assignment assignment = m_lessonPlanDao.getAssignment(assignmentId);
        if (isThirdPartyAssignment(assignment))
            final String ThirdPartyPromptId = assignment.getTocItem().getThirdPartyPromptId();
            // Gather the teacher id
            final LessonPlan lessonPlan = m_lessonPlanDao.getLessonPlan(assignment.getLessonPlan().getId());
            final String teacherId = lessonPlan.getOwnerId();
            // Gather the students who have been assigned this assignment
            final List<Classroom> classes = lessonPlan.getClassrooms();
            // Send one request for each class assignment
            for (final Classroom classroom : classes)

The error occurs on the for (final Classroom classroom : classes) line. I have @Transactional everywhere, yet I’m getting this LazyInitializationException. Why? And how do I create a transaction so that I can run my method?

I’m using Spring 3.2.11.RELEASE, Hibernate 4.3.6.Final, and JPA 2.1 on JBoss 7.1.3.Final. If upgrading any of these would solve my problem, let me know.

The @Transactional boundary is being respected by application during runtime. You can find this out by calling: TransactionSynchronizationManager#isActualTransactionActive()

Add some code to print out the value of above method. If it's false, then maybe you need to make sure the component-scan is set up right.

Example: <context:component-scan base-package="com.application.dao" />

This would totally miss the classes in the com.application.service package.

  • If the component scan weren't working, the @Autowired "private ThirdPartyService m_thirdPartySvc;" declaration would come up null, correct? But that is not what is happening. The method is getting invoked and then I'm getting that exception within the method. – Dave Jul 14 '15 at 16:25
  • What do you get for: TransactionSynchronizationManager#isActualTransactionActive() – Mecon Jul 15 '15 at 14:05
  • It returns false. The problem is with the contexts -- root vs web application ... I will write up a more detailed answer soon. – Dave Jul 15 '15 at 20:23

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