Ok guys, I'm having a hard time with regex..

Here's what I need... get a text file, remove all blank lines and white spaces in the beginning and end of these lines, the blank lines to be removed also include a possible empty line at the end of the file (a \n in the end of the whole text)

So my script was:

quotes.replace(/^\s*[\r\n]/gm, "");

This replaces fairly well, but leaves one white space at the end of each line and doesn't remove the final line break.

So I thought using something like this:

quotes.replace(/^\s*[\r\n]/gm, "").replace(/^\n$/, "");

The second "replace" would remove a final \n from the whole string if present.. but it doesn't work..

So I tried this:

quotes.replace(/^\s*|\s*$|\n\n+/gm, "")

Which removes line breaks but joins some lines when there is a line break in the middle:

so that


Would return the following lines:

["1", "2", "34"]

Can you guys help me out?


Since it sounds like you have to do this all in a single regex, try this:


What we are doing is creating a group that captures nothing, but prevents a newline by itself from getting consumed.

  • awesome! love it – raphadko Jul 14 '15 at 17:32

Split, replace, filter:

    .map(function(s) { return s.replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g, ""); })
    .filter(function(x) { return x; });

With input value " hello \n\nfoo \n bar\nworld \n", the output is ["hello", "foo", "bar", "world"].

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