I am working on an application for my team's QA purposes that needs to send attachments in bulk to a series a dummy email accounts. Our application parses attachments and performs analytics on them.

We need to send a variety of attachment types in a heavy load in order to test our system.

I have built an bulk sender application in Python using smtplib and email library, specifically. These do the trick for formatting the messages with content and attaching files to the messages, as well as connecting to SMTP servers to act as the intermediary.

My problem has gone through a few phases.

Firstly, Gmail will temporarily deactivate accounts who send bulk emails for 24 hours. This lock out occurs after about 150 emails sent in a short period of time, under fifteen minutes.

To try and solve my first problem, I searched for services that provide SMTP server access for sending bulk emails to clients. I settled on Sendgrid and was optimistic.

My second problem arose when I realized Sendgrid uses dynamic IPs for their SMTP servers. The recipient email accounts are housed on Gmail, and Google is suspicious of the IP range which Sendgrid uses and apparently blocks fishy looking messages before they even reach the spam folder.

In gmail, you can whitelist an IP address to always allow emails from that address to enter your inbox. The problem is Sendgrid uses dyanmic IPs for their first 3 tiers of membership, and at $80 a month, we are not looking to subscribe just to get a static IP for testing purposes. We are a start up on a tight budget.

To recap, I cant send bulk emails using the Gmail SMTP server because the accounts get locked for 24 hours after about 150 messages. I can't use SMTP server services because their low membership options do not allow for a static IP to be assigned. I need to send emails from a static IP address so I can whitelist it in our Gmail Admin Console, which is easily done.

I know this is more of a theoretical approach question, but I am at a loss for ideas beyond creating a group of throwaway gmail accounts and burning through them. We need to be sending thousands of emails a day to our test accounts to seriously stress test our application.

What is the best approach to sending emails with attachments using Python from a dedicated, static IP address?

Much Obliged!


You could install Zimbra on a VPS and use that to send unlimited mail. You could also setup a mail server manually with Postfix+Others This requires much more care to get right and secure (you could wind up being an open relay if not careful) but will require up to just a third of the computing resources Zimbra will.

  • Zimbra looks promising. I see that it can integrate with existing code too. Would require some overhead to get the SMTP server running on that VPS. Thanks! – deusofnull Jul 15 '15 at 7:22

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