I'm looking at a tutorial for creating an ePub file. It states that the zip that contains the ePub book must contain a textfile called mimetype that "must be first in the zip file, uncompressed". The example he gives uses a commandline tool, I was wondering how I could do the same thing in PHP.

I assume it would be first in the zip file as long as its the first thing I add in the code, but how to add it to the zip uncompressed. Or am I misreading this?

Thanks in advance.


You cannot do that with the native PHP ZipArchive class. But PEAR::Archive_Zip can - if you use the ARCHIVE_ZIP_PARAM_NO_COMPRESSION parameter when adding that specifc file.

A simpler solution would be to use a template. Create a stub zip file with your uncompressed "mimetype" entry (zip -0), then use that as temporary zip and afterwards just add new entries to it:

$zip = new ZipArchive();


(untested though)

  • This does not work. Those newly added files will be compressed with "deflate" method. – powerboy Apr 17 '11 at 23:40
  • Yep. They will. Which is irrelevant, since only the mimetype file needs to remain uncompressed. – mario Apr 17 '11 at 23:42
  • This is on the right track. I still am getting problems with the ePub validator but the error now clearly shows the base64_decode method above works, I suspect I just need to edit the base64 string a bit. – Alice Wonder Jan 24 '12 at 5:38

It seems the base64-encoded file above is a little buggy (ZipArchive refused to open it), but the following works:

// make the archive first            

// open archive
if (($err = $zipfile->open($fileName)) !== TRUE) {
    trigger_error("Could not open archive: " . $fileName, E_USER_ERROR);


I tested this with my own epub-generating code and it worked fine. Epubcheck 1.05 validates it. By the way, if you're using "OPL's EPUB library", beware that it's quite buggy. I will probably post a fix to it soon with this solution baked in, but beware till then.

  • As does epubcheck 1.2 - it seems like this is the best bet for now... – Izkata Jan 8 '12 at 6:42
  • Yes, this string works flawlessly for me. Thank you. Damn I love StackOverflow! – Alice Wonder Jan 24 '12 at 5:41

I am currently working on an epub export tool using PHP and I've had a good experience using PCLZip. It has an option called PCLZIP_OPT_NO_COMPRESSION which I use on the add() call when adding a file. I use this when adding the mimetype file and it works like a charm.

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