I'm trying to call a function when the user stops to scroll. But i don't want to use "scrollstop" in jQuery mobile since I don't need jQuery mobile anywhere else. Is there an equivalent event in normal jQuery or JS?


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The only answer I found was still using jquery, and for some reasons was not working in my project.

So here is my version, no jQuery needed, enjoy!

Note : Here is a snippet, but since it's embedded, it will delay the event a lot

var lastTimeScrolled = null;
var theElementYouCareAbout = document;
var intervalMilliSeconds = 500; // interval goes here
theElementYouCareAbout.onscroll = function(){
  if (performance.now() - lastTimeScrolled > intervalMilliSeconds){
    var intervalScroll = setInterval(function(){
      if (performance.now() - lastTimeScrolled > intervalMilliSeconds){
    }.bind(intervalScroll).bind(intervalMilliSeconds), 100);
  lastTimeScrolled = performance.now();

function doSomething (){
  alert('You just stopped scrolling :)');
<div style="height: 200vh">
  Scroll me!

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