I have an iterator ic and a variable ncount. I am trying to match ncount with the iterator. I would appreciate any help or advice. Thanks in advance.

for(ic = ackAttacky.begin();ic !=ackAttacky.end())
    if(alien[ncount].alienBulletDead == true){
        ic = ackAttacky.erase(ic);
        alien[ncount].alienBulletDead = false;
        alien[ncount].alienFired = false;
        alienBulletCounter -=1;
        cout << ncount << "    " << ackAttacky.size() << endl;
  • please expand on "match ncount with the iterator"; are you getting an error message. what types are is "ncount" and "ackAttacky" – Richard Jul 15 '15 at 13:45

How about std::distance?

nCount = std::distance(ackAttacky.begin(), ic);


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