I am making a form in php and allow visitor to register for our site. Now after filling the form, I want to show his entries over a image at specific position. for example::

in this image:

Contact form enter image description here

after inserting all the info in my site's contact form, I want to show details in above image; like name, email, comment.

So my question is, how can write text over image at specified position?

  • Create a Div First, set the background image to the the Contact Form image, then create different <span>'s for name email and comment. Manipulate the position of the span using CSS. Insert the correct data with the JS .innerHTML.
    – David Yue
    Jul 16, 2015 at 6:00

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You can use position:absolute on the container and make your form position:relative. Use Top, Right, Left, Bottom values to adjust it where ever you want. Add the background:url(imagepath); to your form or inner div.

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